Medicalchain is perfect blockchain for the health records that designed with the ethereum platform. It keeps up the usage of the medical data. This one uses the blockchain technology in order to store the patient’s health reports. Now, this is used by different agents like doctor, pharmacist, hospital, insurers, and others.

When it comes use this one, the users gain permission to interact with the medical reports of the patients.  The interaction is transparent and secure. It is created based on the hyperledger fabric architecture. The patient can capable to control the records who view others.

This one improves the perfect outcomes and creates the better healthcare infrastructure. It provides the right solution to the today medicare industry. This one shares the electronic health report of the patient.

It is the best way to connect with the healthcare professional directly. You can get the records and consultation with a minute via the secure channel. This platform is used by many hospitals in the present scenario.

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  • The people are capable to access the medical reports at anytime and anywhere. You can manage the legal right to access the record. It is a better platform that one can timely connect with the doctors and get the possible services.
    This provides different levels to the users by maintaining the set of access permission. The patient provides access to the EHR and others. You can enjoy the improved data security.  This is the valuable experience for the patient as well as the doctor.


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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token MedTokens
Price 1 MedTokens = $0.25
Platform Ethereum
Category Drugs & Healthcare
Total Supply 200,000,000

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