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You hit the streets, and all you have is some McFly tokens with you. Tokens are indeed “flight itself.” You can use the tokens to order any aerial vehicle directly to the roof of your house or the nearest place suitable for landing. You can use your smartphone in the process.

Sometimes, you feel like voting for availing priority service. There are two ways which you can follow while doing this:

  • The tokens are in your wallet, and you did not have to spend them. It talks about the “standard of service.”
  • You can also consent to a higher tariff that is determined by the ratio of demand and supply.

Then the aerial vehicle arrives, ready to take you to the desired location, with the transfer of tokens from the wallet of the customer to the operational wallet. From this money, the vehicle maintains the costs of flight and infrastructure:

  • Control of air traffic
  • Costs for recharging battery
  • Landing site expenses
  • Insurance costs
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Buying of media content for the enjoyment of the passenger

An additional bill may be provided to the passenger who chooses the smart contract because of the occurrences like overuse of resources or cabin damage.


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Vladimir Andreev
  • Alexey Maltsev
  • Pilot
  • Vladimir Salatov
  • Test pilot and engineer
  • Nikolay Fonurin
  • Aeronautics engineer
  • Mikhail Sorokin
  • Lead Engineer
  • Kirill Elagin
  • Digital marketing and analytics
  • Andrey Manolov
  • 3D visualizations
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  • Artem Kharchenko
  • Add me on LinkedIn
  • Valeri Lavrischev
  • Software Engineer
  • Stan Polozov
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  • Hiroshi Homma
  • Marketing Director
  • Oleg Tsyganov
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  • Artyom Zhivilov
  • Lead Engineer, Software product management
  • Ivan Kosov
  • PR, communications, video production
  • Kaoru Inoue
  • Senior Software Development Engineer
  • Victor Mameaux
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  • Vladimir Sysoev
  • Head of aerodynamics, calculations and data
  • Maxim Kiselev
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  • Igor Opotskiy
  • Stanislav Lobanov
  • Engineer
  • Nikolay Bezhko
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  • Igor Ovsyannikov
  • Lead Engineer
  • Sergey Kirichkov
  • Certification program manager
  • Dmitry Onyschuk
  • Engineer
  • Andrey Murygin
  • Lead Engineer
  • Olga Bolkunova
  • Community evangelist in China
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  • Pierre Marc Emile Louis Roger Bogaerts
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Price 1,000 MFL = 0.065-0.1 ETH
Country Russia
Category Infrastructure
Total Supply1,260,000,000
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