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Maxbull is an ECO20 token built with the intention of making sure that cryptocurrency community investments are very secure and at the same time very profitable. This is an upgrade to what has become very common in the cryptocurrency industry, where we know a lot of scrupulous token being hosted on a different exchange.

With Maxbull you can rest assured that your investment, especially in the casino, and other type of investments, or any blockchain related technology are safe and secure.

MAXBULL is hosted on the Ethereum platform where a single Ethereum (ETH) is equal to 4,350MBULL. With the rate at which the Maxbull token is gaining ground the probability of the exchange rate of MBULL to ETH being reduced is actually on a very high side.

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  • MaxBull originates from the United Kingdom and it currently has no restriction when it comes to the country it can be used for transactions. Just like most gambling and casino related tokens,  maxbull can be purchased with Ethereum (ETH)  and Bitcoin (BTC)  so for anyone new or already familiar with the cryptocurrency industry,  buying the MAXBULL token would post an issue if you have any of this cryptocurrency.
    According to news released on the MAXBULL twitter page as of February 19, 2018, investment in a max bulb coin will guarantee a 45% bonus on coin purchased. With an ICO that has been scheduled to take place on the 31st of March 2018, this only means the time to buy an MBULL coin is now!


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  • Braat Laall
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  • Sardar Javed
  • CIO, CTO
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  • Neil Finley
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  • Kawsara Khatun
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Price 4,350 MBULL = 1 ETH
Accepting ETH, BTC
Category Gambling & Betting
Total Supply100,000,000
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