aims to create a perfectly reliable and secure, yet cost-effective data storage system. brings together professional hosting providers in one place where customers can easily approach them and choose a contractor with the best suitable price and rating.

  • Details
  • is a decentralized self-regulatory system for data storage, transmission and direct content distribution. It performs several non-standard functions which make it stand out from the competition: As a host aggregator, allows professional hosting providers and data centers to thrive on leasing the unused storage capacities. Our system works as a marketplace, without imposed plans or transaction fees, which means affordable pricing. With, authentic content can be distributed seamlessly and securely bypassing intermediaries and their fees. This function is intrinsically embedded in the system architecture while the competitors would need centralization or additional apps for it. The responsible data storage is carried out in accordance with the algorithms set in the smart contract. All the participants are treated equally and receive a remuneration for their engagement in data transmission. Use of the distributed ledger technology along with involvement of professional hosting providers underpins utterly secure and reliable service while request and offer system with exchange-based pricing provides affordability.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • first 24 hours 25%
    10 days starting from the 2nd day of the ICO 15%
    14 days starting from 12th day of the ICO 10%


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Alexander Rakhmanov
  • Founder, CEO
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  • Eugene Parafiynyk
  • Software Blockchain Developer
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  • Irene Pashkovskaya
  • Head of Marketing
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  • Vadim Zubkov
  • Marketing Director
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  • Maria Lapuk
  • PR Consultant
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  • Dmitriy Gonchar
  • Senior Software Engineer
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  • Vlad Alexeev
  • Front End Architect
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  • Valentyn Smaha
  • Software Developer
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  • Ivan Kurnavin
  • COO
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  • Maksim Motovilov
  • Lead Developer
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  • Oleg Romensky
  • Developer, Blockchain and Smart Contracts
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  • Boris Sanin
  • Project Manager. Operations
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  • Daria Polyvyan
  • Copywriter. Bounty Manager
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  • Vladimir Korovkin
  • Investor Relations Manager
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  • Yury Vasilyev Ph.D
  • Chief ICO Advisor
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  • Valentina Drofa
  • PR in Asia
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  • Garry Martin
  • Advisor
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  • Kari Eielson Mork
  • Investment Advisor, Europe
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  • Mohammed Arif Ansari
  • Strategy&Growth Advisor
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  • Frank Sylvester
  • Investment Advisor
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Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token MASP
Price 0.3500 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, ETC, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, Fiat
Minimum investment35 USD
Soft cap15,000,000 USD
Hard cap50,000,000 USD
Restricted areas USA
Category big-data , Business services , Infrastructure
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