Lympo has been started with the desire to create an ecosystem that will keep health as its top priority. Lympo, with the aid of the blockchain technology, works to efficiently monitor vital data that has been accumulated via the ledger system. They are one step ahead of others because they permit related companies including fitness apps, gyms, employers, health insurance agencies etc., to access the necessary information and also customize products for the benefit of the users.

Lympo has all that is required to become an independent industry in future. It also has the capability of growing immensely and reinventing the way in which the bond between health-conscious customers and businesses take place. The main aim at Lympo is the creation of the ideal ecosystem for a whole new market – one which can grow in their platform. They will surely achieve this target very soon. Credit has to be given to their expert and talented team of professional advisers, belonging to the fields of blockchain, fitness, entrepreneurship. The desire is to empower people to be more conscious about remaining healthy and happy. They are hopeful that a considerable transformation is possible with the presence of expert fitness advisers, entrepreneurship and blockchains.


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  • Ada Jonušė
  • CEO, co-founder
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  • Tadas Maurukas
  • Head of digital marketing
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  • Adomas Dicius
  • Senior full stack developer
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  • Justas Kregzde
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  • Dimitra Papadopoulou
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Platform Ethereum
Category Drugs & Healthcare
Total Supply 650,000,000
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