Luxcess Group offers three forms of income to individuals who partake in its project. The project is an ICO project. The first Initial Coin Offering project provides an amazing lifetime reward for its first supporters.

Luxcess Group have created a platform which is known as Royal platform, this platform is a blockchain platform and in order to access it, you need Luxcesstoken. This token is tagged as LXC. The system is crafted so beautifully that investors would donate their token on the royal platform and they would get a percentage of the total profit. This system is basically run by a commission which is deduced on each profit.

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  • Luxcess is located in Slovenia with 35,000,000 supplies. The system running under ethereum is currently running anoffering for those interested in being part of the platform. This offer already started on the 1st of march 2018 and would be closed on the 7th of April 2018. LXC equivalence in USD is $0.15 and in this offering is allowing a solid cap of 500,000 USD and a hard capof 5,250,000. Being vibrant on social media, their information and discussions are all there for investors looking to make a right decision. The dream of Luxcess group is to increase its token value, which means the price would increase. For the early the birds all this means is more money and as they have promised earlier, they will continue to reward the first investors witha lifetime reward. This is a rock solid system that should be taken advantage of.


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  • Bex Bostjan
  • Founder & CEO
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  • Luka Lah
  • Co-founder & COO
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  • Urša Škerlj
  • CMO
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  • Špela Škerlj
  • CAO
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  • Žan Petrič
  • Head of Trading Room
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  • Martin Mohar
  • Market Researcher & Analyzer
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  • Andraž Omahen
  • Crypto developer
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  • John Mohar
  • Head of Social Media
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  • Gašper Tratnik
  • Head of advertising
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  • Tadej Bogataj
  • IT departement
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  • Jasmina Kosednar
  • UI/UX, Web & Graphic Designer
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  • Anja Simenich
  • PR
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  • Aljoša Satler
  • Full time trader
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Token LXC
Price 1 LXC = 0.15 USD
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap500,000 USD
Hard cap5,250,000 USD
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 35,000,000
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