Loyakk is a blockchain technology focused mainly on business management and factors that affect and determine the course of any business. Businesses have been experiencing some major set back in the past, partly due to lack of data security and privacy, terms of contract disputes, irresponsible management and governance within their business networks.  This has been pinpointed as the leading cause of billions of dollars being lost annually across the various business platforms.

Loyakk is being developed to find a solution to this pressing issue through a patent-pending blockchain-enabled Vega Business Relationship Platform. With its technology loyakk aims to improve data privacy and security and also makes sure permissible information and data are being shared speedily across the business network with little or no glitch.

Since the ICO of Loyakk, it has recorded a lot of significant milestones.  This includes being featured on major financial channels such as; Bloomberg Channel, yahoo finance, crypto disrupt and also gaining major clients on the fortune 500 lists. This has clearly shown that loyal mean business when it comes to ensuring that cost and challenges of running a business effectively is greatly reduced.

  • Details
  • Loyakk originated from The United Kingdom, London to be exact.  The token (LYK) is being currently restricted in the USA. Loyakk is powered by the Etherum platform and it does accept etherum (ETH) for payment. The token (LYK) is valued against the British pound (GBP)  at a rate of 1 LYK  equated to 0.50 GBP (1 LYK = 0.50 GBP)


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  • Position
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  • Salim Ali
  • CEO
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  • Jitu Telang
  • CTO
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  • Tsvetan Georgiev
  • Blockchain Technical Architect and Development Lead
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  • Jimjees Abraham
  • Blockchain Solutions Architect
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  • Jaijiv Prabhakaran
  • Chief Architect
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  • Marzanne DeLoof
  • Customer Success
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  • Rakesh Sreekumar
  • Chief Marketing Officer
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  • Sadiq Quasim
  • Director, Loyakk Ltd.
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  • Anthony Thomas
  • Advisor, Global CIO, Nissan Motors
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  • Patricia Hatter
  • Advisor, ex-CIO , McAfee
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  • Jonathan Becher
  • Advisor & Investor, Chief Digital Officer, SAP
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  • Gerry Mcclement
  • Investor, Director, 'Big 4' UK Bank
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Token LYK
Price 1 LYK = 0.50 GBP
Platform Ethereum
Restricted areas USA
Category Business services

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