KryptoPal is a development platform for mass Blockchain adoption. It helps developers to bootstrap Blockchain development by providing free infrastructure with full nodes, live multi-purpose smart contracts and a suite of fully developed APIs. Developers can build different types of applications and connect to the decentralized world easily. KryptoPal is ready to launch a suite of tools and resources that developers can use in their native programming languages to integrate with blockchains or create decentralized applications. When the KryptoPal platform is used for an existing application: the application is instantly connected to the Ethereum blockchain, the application is connected with the other applications in the global network, app users are enabled to interact with each other to perform cryptocurrency transactions.

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  • Despite the widespread acceptance and enthusiasm for blockchain and cryptocurrency, there remain three significant barriers preventing widespread adoption. Because the technology is new, it is not easily integrated into applications and existing systems by non-expert developers due to a lack of documentation, infrastructure, and development tools. Second, although cryptocurrency-based transactions are gaining popularity, transaction latency restricts users’ ability to perform real-time transactions like they are currently accustomed to. Finally, there are 6.5 million applications being used by over 4 billion people worldwide, yet most of these applications still lack the capability to interconnect commercially and provide holistic and seamless experiences for their users. This creates unnecessary friction and restricts their ability to maintain access to various external personal accounts (e.g. cryptocurrency wallets) for payments. The KryptoPal platform consists of a Software Development Kit (SDK), an extensible Application Programming Interface (API), the KryptoX token (KPX), and secure Smart Contracts and payment channels.


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  • Venkat Nallapati
  • CFO
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  • Jaycen Horton
  • CTO
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  • Jane Kanter
  • CRO
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  • Jorge Sanchez
  • Chief Marketing Officer
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  • Camille Evans Paterson
  • Community Relations
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  • Christophe Bosquillon
  • Chief Economist
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  • Mohanned Al-Anni
  • Business Strategy Head - MENA region
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  • Sergey Sevantsyan
  • Investor Relations - Russia
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  • Doryan Ahn
  • Investor Relations - Korea, Malaysia, Japan
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  • Christian Maeder
  • Legal Counsel
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  • Samantha Yap
  • Media / PR Partner
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  • Roland Rüttimann
  • KYC / Escrow Provider
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  • Savannah Lee
  • Media / PR Partner
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  • Steve Murphy
  • Partnerships Advisor
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  • Ravi Prasad
  • Digital Media Advisor
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  • Mohammad Nauman
  • Technology Advisor
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  • Jo Lynn Clemens
  • Insurance Advisor
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  • Anthony Scarpulla
  • Community Advisor
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  • Rennie Davis
  • Advisor
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  • Jeffrey Willenbrink
  • Marketing Advisor
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Token KPX
PreICO Price1 KPX = 0.04 USD
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap3,000,000 USD
Hard cap30,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA
Category CryptoCurrency , Infrastructure , smart-contract , software
Total Supply 500,000,000

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