Kript is a mobile app designed to help cryptocurrency investors properly manage their assets. For you to better manage your crypto assets, you need to be up to date with latest news and updates regarding ICO analytics. The ethereum based platform in located in Singapore with over 100,000,000 supplies.

To invest in Kript, you have to be aware of their token which is tagged as KRPT. 1 KRPT is equivalent to 1 ethereum. Since it is a blockchaib system, it accepts ethereum and the investment allows a soft cap of 3000 ETH while its hard cap is 40,000 ETH. With the app been what most crypto investors need, the demand for it is very high and being part of the owners comes with great benefit.

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  • Kript have been able to give response to the people doubting the potential of the app through its action. And the effect of this can be seen as its popularity increases. There is an opportunity which is currently available for those looking to invest. Although it already started on the 9th of march 2018,the opportunity is still available but not for too long more. On the 9th of April 2018, this offer would be closing so you should be fast in cashing in on the opportunity. Although people are very sceptical about the idea, they should understand that Singapore is housing the best technologies in the world and this is one of them. There is a fine team working on the app and the opportunity to be part won’t last for long.


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  • Philip Joslin
  • General Manager ex-EUREX
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  • Ruslan Smirnov
  • Co-founder, Product Management and Marketing ex-BCS Financial Group
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  • Dmitry Firsov
  • Co-founder, Business Development and Legal Issues NWTN-Group
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Price1 ETH = 1,000 KRPT
Soft cap3,000 ETH
Hard cap40,000 ETH
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply100,000,000
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