Kinetic Revolution LTD is a financial ecosystem by using blockchain technology to provide instant transfer between Fiat and crypto payments with a global ATM connection. In this system is integrated Kineticex the best exchange ever for: – security, with 100% offline wallets, that will continue working fine in any case of DDOS attack. – copy trading feature by integrated PAMM – 0.1% trading fees using krc and almost 0 spread. – hybrid trading, with cryptos, indexes, forex, CFD, soon commodities – unlimited pooling of liquidity, – Margin trading leverage 1:10. – Fiat deposit/withdrawl, with Epay network using Fiat to cash wallets. Also, coming soon, visa/MasterCard, perfect money, advcash and Paypal. KRC, is the RC20 utility token. It’s already on Kineticex platform in 4 pairs. Using this token gives numerous benefits: Staking/holding policy, Kineticex will redistribute through the customers part of the profits based on the number of krc present in each wallet. – 50% trading discount fee using KRC

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  • The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing new thinking and new technology, as well as providing a wide range of transactional possibilities for different individuals and organizations. Aside Bitcoins, renowned as the first known cryptocurrency, over 800 cryptocurrencies (referred to generally as altcoins) have emerged. All the altcoins come with different or similar use cases and have been applied to different industries. Anyway, the blockchain technology, on which cryptocurrency is built on, is used to make a substantial impact on the world.Kinetic Revolution Ltd is introducing the Kineticex -KRC as a step forward in the aspect of new thinking and new technology in the cryptocurrency market. With Kineticex, cryptocurrency enthusiasts can now store and process digital transactions in a more secure and transparent system. Easy-to-use and exceptional, Kineticex is designed on the Ethereum blockchain application in a way that it would definitely make a ground-breaking impact in the cryptocurrency market. It is designed to transform the face of cryptocurrency and make it more appealing to a larger number of people.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • 20% TOKENS Start: Aug 15th, 2018 12:00 UTC, 15% Bonus in next 15 days, 10% Bonus in last 15 days


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  • Muhammad Aziz
  • CEO & Founder
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  • Trent Partridge
  • Co-founder
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  • Yvonne Chiu
  • Marketing
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  • Eric Guadeloupe
  • Controller Advisor
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Trade Token on Bitcratic


PreICO Price1 KRC = 0.0001 ETH
Price0.0706 USD
Minimum investment0.5 ETH
Soft cap7500 ETH
Hard cap68750 ETH
CountrySaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areasChina, USA
Category Communications , CryptoCurrency , Internet , Investment , smart-contract
Total Supply225,000,000
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