Kala is an Ethereum-based token that will integrate seamlessly within the Symatri ecosystem.


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  • Darren Olayan
  • Symatri CEO
  • Reid Tanaka
  • Symatri President
  • Kinsey Lindgren
  • Symatri Chief Marketing Officer
  • Troy Muhlestein
  • Nui Founder & Strategic Partner
  • Richard Smith
  • Nui Founder & Strategic Partner
  • David Childs
  • Britecoin Inc. CEO & Technology Partner
  • Kevin Childs
  • Britecoin Inc. CTO & Technology Partner
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token KALA
Price 1 KALA = 0.02 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC
Minimum investment 10 USD
Category Business services

5 thoughts on “Kala Token”

  1. Shek says:

    Good opportunity coin. Best coin ever for the future generations.

  2. John Mitchell says:

    The company is taking forever to actually get on the market, seems kind of scamish.

  3. Fat Jerry Team says:

    Kala is not an ERC20 token but its own cryptocurrency built on a fork of Bitcoin .

  4. Anne Macauley says:

    Based on my personal experience on crypto currency, I went into so many coins ico that hurrily accepted in coinmarkets but suddenly they all disappeared. So I like the idea of kala is taken their time to study markets before they got listed. As for me it doesn’t matter how long they get listed into a major exchanges but what matters is how successful it will be at the end of the day.

  5. Ricardo de Souza says:

    I bought 70k of it, just in case 🙂

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