Jibrel Network Token (JNT)

The token lies on the Jibrel Network Token (JNT) are ERC – 20. The Ethereum blockchain platform has the sustainability of providing financial assets, such as currencies, commodities, and bonds as like the natural business.

The payment which needs to submit by the users in the Jibrel Network is $0.25.  There will be an equal composition of standards among the user’s currencies, equities, commodities and other financial assets and instruments on the participants of the legal blockchain.

CryDRs or CryptoDepository Receipts will possess some amount of value this must entail the traditional financial asset’s value in the Jibrel Network Token. The actual meaning is when the net value of CryDR contains JNT’s 1 dollar which pretends on one USD which means the value will be demonstrated as such it retains.  Sometimes this CryDRs will get desperate by means of the automated and decentralized financial instruments when it comes to the financial commitments of global payments, trading, and hedging.

The included instruments are bonds, commodities, debt instruments and securities. The practical assigning of the CryDRs is mentioned as the Smart Regulation which determines the real-world rules and regulations transactions.
Currencies such as GBP, EUR, RUB, AED, and CNY will be presented in the net rules of CryDRs. The method of buying this CryDRs has some certain token of JNT assigned along with the Jibrel DAO. A process of saving all the official network elements is jWallet which is purely secure, simple, best-in-class Ethereum wallet why because it can able to manage any type of tokens.
Token Sale 80,000,000 JNT 40.00% Jibrel Network Token offered at 25 cents
Public Pre-sale 40,000,000 JNT 20.00% Jibrel Network Token offered at 20 - 22.5 cents
Development Team 30,000,000 JNT 15.00% Retained by Jibrel Network Team - 5 year vesting plan
Strategic Partners & Advisors 20,000,000 JNT 10.00% Partners such as New Alchemy, PwC, TaaS, etc.
Angel Round 20,000,000 JNT 10.00% Jibrel Network Token offered at 15 cents
Bounties - for CryptoCommunity 10,000,000 JNT 5.00% Translation, signature, social and competition bounties


Name Position Links
Yazan BarghuthiCo-founder, Project Lead
Victor MezrinCo-founder, Technical Lead
Talal TabbaaCo-founder, BizDev Lead
Nick MarininDeveloper (UX/UI)
Jad HindyMarketing
Aleksey SelikhovDeveloper (Back-end)
Ivan ViolentovDeveloper (Front-end)
Anna BordunovaPublic Relations
Rust KhusyainovIllustrator
Don TapscottStrategy Advisor (CEO of Tapscott Group)
Ruslan GavrilyukCryptoFinance Advisor (CEO & Founder of TaaS Fund)
Stephen MurphyFinTech Advisor (CEO of Genesis Global Tech)
Saul HudsonCommunications Advisor (GM at Thomson Reuters)
Mohammad Al SehliMENA Advisor (CEO & Founder of Arabian Chain)
Dr. Moe LevinPublic Sector Advisor (CEO of Keynote)

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