Ititaniumcoin, the currency of trust, eliminates the traditional money problem and adapts to the digital age. It will unlock prosperity for everyone and hence will create better systems for exchanging values. They mainly aim at enhancing control, expanding freedom and increasing empowerment b6 delivering better solutions. It will be a more prosperous, fairer and a better future for those involved in this exchange and transaction. They are on the verge of being the world’s most secured digital currency as they are perpetually innovating and also they can maintain this.

Transfer peer to peer instantly

There’s no central server to run ititanium on peer to peer basis. The storage server here is decentralized, distributed and divided into various servers. These servers are each run by single users who are connected to the network.

Easy transfer of money

Money can easily be transferred anytime, anywhere and to anybody within seconds, just like Bitcoins. For transferring money through ititanium, you need one smartphone along with proper internet connection.

Ititanium peer transaction

Peer transactions inititanium are very easy, and ititanium can easily be transferred to anywhere in the world, provided it’s connected to the Internet. The assigned amount will be deposited into and visible in the ititanium Wallet.

Trade Token on Bitcratic
Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 6,900,000
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