The ICOs platform developed by the IQeon team is flexible as well as scalable. The continuous introduction of new products gives the players a healthy platform. In this platform, players can freely compete with other competitors. Moreover, something needs to be revealed about the tasks that are introduced by the tasks. The tasks for competitors are all prepared intelligence and logic. There are varieties of such logical as well as intelligent tasks. To the internal currency of IQeon is received for getting best results.

There is another important direction for the IQeon platform. This one is applicable if you want to develop it smoothly and want to rise in ICO voting. The direction we are hinting at is motivational applications. This direction is of extreme importance in some significant fields. Such fields are sports, education and maintaining a lifestyle that is healthy. Many times, people fail to generate ample motivation within themselves for doing these important things like studying diligently, going for a morning walk or exercising for fighting obesity. So, the IQeon is a fabulous platform that works as a motivator.

The expiry date of the token sale is March 13, in 2018 and there are great bonuses. 5.7M is the amount of these tokens for distribution. ETH and BTC are the two cryptocurrencies for payment where 1 ETH is equal to 325 IQN.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Vadim Dovguchits
  • CEO
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  • Igor Podlesny
  • CSO
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  • Pavel Kazimirenko
  • CTO
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  • Samoilo Alexander
  • Financial Consultant
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  • Alexander Pavlov
  • COO
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  • Roman Glushchuk
  • The representative of IQeon in the United States and Canada
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  • Alexander Paramonov
  • CLO
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  • Mikhail Larchanka
  • Blockchain Developer
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  • Timur Latfulin
  • CMO
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  • Denis Tolstashov
  • Head of Mobile Development
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Token IQN
PreICO Price 1 ETH = 700 IQN
Price 1 ETH = 325 IQN
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC
Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
Soft cap 2000 ETH
Hard cap 20000 ETH
Restricted areas USA, Singapore
Category Events & Entertainment
Total Supply 6,500,000

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