InsurePal is used as the change over for the insurance. Of course, black chin based on identity management for Borrowers and Lenders, distributed exchange for asset trading and tokenized lending on the blockchain. Cyrptyk comes is consider as the best single storage solution suitable with vendor security. InsurePal is an in-built mechanism within all of us, representing people`s moral compass..  Moreover, this novel decentralized application offers in day to day need for the users through the individual’s jobbers. They are working on better tools to provide the users with average results and relevant to the sales and Bit coin values. In general, make the flow of funds with safe secure and more efficient. It has made with Korean exchange and hence delivers it from the Coinmarketcup write on the Twitter.

  • Details
  • The InsurePal gives a salient solution that mingles with top graphs suitable within and assures the investors for their money. It has rippled and dropped down with more sure business management. It begins with the in-built mechanism that drops down from the lists given on the board and social proof in form of financial commitment. This involves lots of things so that everyone gets caused partly by assuming with the fuelled by news report to the investors and others. The overall coverage for areas of life and business that began to emerge the ecosystem.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Matt Peterman
  • Co-founder & InsurePal CEO
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  • Tom Volk
  • Co-founder
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  • Thomas B. Manson
  • Chief Insurance Officer
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  • Adam Parker
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
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  • Gavin Conway
  • Chief Growth Officer
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  • Matjaz Rakovec
  • Chief Operation Officer (COO)
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  • Alexander Solomonov
  • Chief Financial Officer
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  • Robert Kovacic
  • Chief Compliance Officer
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  • Daniel Bieusz
  • General Legal Counsel
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  • Maxim Streltses
  • Chief Financial Officer UK
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Token IPL
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap$5.000.0000
Hard cap$18.000.000
Category Payments
Total Supply 300,000,000

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