We believe that society lacks a comprehensive solution. A singular ecosystem of Services Marketplace that allows customers to browse, review, compare and evaluate credible providers, coupled with a platform that lets them visually connect in real-time, elevating the element of trust and comfort.

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  • he Instance App, as an aggregator of services, provides a robust platform for gig economy workers looking to ply their services with minimum fees and zero start-up costs. The Instance App allows consumers to browse, review, compare and evaluate credible service providers, coupled with a platform that lets them visually connect in real-time, elevating trust and comfort. The Instance App has a REAL and GROWING marketplace after having launched in Taiwan in early 2018, and subsequently in Malaysia in the second quarter. It is a viable, and PROVEN business concept. Several drivers point to the continual demand for Instance:
    • Services are a fundamental need of all consumers throughout their lives
    • Instance is the answer to low cost start-ups aspiring to have a digital presence and a global audience
    • Instoken eliminates the shortcomings of traditional payment modes providing a true global currency for consumers and service providers
    To accelerate the growth plan of Instance and to seed the network with Insta, the Distributor will be issuing Insta in a token generation event (the “Token Generation Event”). Insta will be a fully transactional, stable token for transactions on the Instance App, build upon the Instoken platform. Instoken has the potential to power the global services marketplace. Consumers and service providers can benefit worldwide and this whitepaper outlines the current situation and prospects for Instance and Instoken
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Presale 1 (Angel round) + 30% bonus minimum purchase: 10 ETH. Presale 2 (Early Backers) + 20% bonus minimum purchase: 5 ETH. Presale 3 (Pre-ICO) + 10 % bonus minimum purchase: 3 ETH.


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  • Ng Pak Lim (Ben Ng)
  • CEO & Founder
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  • Nour Helmi
  • CTO
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  • Sia Wei Soon (Wilson Sia)
  • Co-founder
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  • Fred Lim
  • CFO
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  • Jon Tallis
  • Head of Marketing
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  • Adrian Lee
  • Operations Manager, Co-founder
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  • Joyce Goh
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  • Tan Song Kwang
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  • Roy Ling
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PreICO Price1 INSTA = 0.05 USD
Price 1 INSTA = 0.05 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH
Hard cap20,000,000 USD
Restricted areas None
Category Business services , Communications , CryptoCurrency , Infrastructure , Investment , smart-contract , software , virtual-reality
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