Indigo DMA Corp. was founded by the best specialists in automative trading. Starting in 2004, staff of the company had been developing complex software for broker companies, banks, hedge funds and managing traders. As a result, they decided to start a broker company Indigo DMA. Priority of Indigo DMA is to guarantee direct access to liquidity providers on the basis of transparent business model. Liquidity aggregation allows to get the best price along with high execution speed. Another important object is to continue developing service of copy trading. Due to detailed and time-proved mechanism, investments have become safe and profitable. In 2016, we are planning to create our own user-friendly platform that will allow to trade within any market, including NYSE, CME, NASDAQ, and all the markets in Europe and Asia. Please, send your comments and suggestions and we will take them into consideration.


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  • Oleg Lesnitsky
  • Chief executive officer
  • Alexei Samsonov
  • Customer services consultant
  • Roman Osmanov
  • Chief sales officer
  • Valentina Misyura
  • PR-manager
  • Roman Lapshin
  • Development manager
  • Aleksandra Thorskaya
  • Chief customer officer
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Platform Ethereum
Category Business services
Total Supply 22,000,000

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