HydroCoin has been created and designed as the currency in future, in the hydrogen age. It will take care of the fact that in future, clean fuel will be used for clean technology and use of fossil fuel will end.  This particular currency and also its price in the market will reveal that present status of clean energy as well as the adequacy of fresh fuel.

For providers of technology, the HydroCoin can be a medium to get certification as a clean technology in the future. Companies that ensure clean technology are free to purchase HydroCoin for collecting votes and for taking part in the latest, clean technologies.

HydroCoin will be one official currency for generating clean energy for users. If you use this coin, it will be understood that you are supporting the claim of clean energy. The initial products that one can purchase using HydroCoin will be made clear in 2020. ERC20 technology will be used by HydroCoin. After the completion of the ICO- period, its storage will be possible in all wallets that are ethereal compatible.

For the benefit of the world, traffic using fossil fuel in combustion engines will be turned to electric engines making the use of clean fuel, because of HydroCoin.


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  • Heiko Schumann
  • Co-Founder
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  • Ekrem Ertuerk
  • Co-Founder
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  • Charalampos Karakousis
  • Technical Advisor
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  • Andy Gerhard
  • Web Developer
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PreICO Price 1 HYC = 0.0009 ETH
Price 1 HYC = 0.001 ETH
Accepting ETH, BTC, EUR, USD
Soft cap 20,000,000 HYC
Hard cap 500,000,000 HYC
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Category Infrastructure
Total Supply500,000,000
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