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Howdoo is a decentralized social platform for users, content creators, & advertisers. Designed to stimulate greater trust, openness, and transparency, the platform rewards and empowers the users, content creators, and communities that form the true value of any social network. It’s about giving users complete control over their personal data, and the choice of whether or not to monetize such insights; it’s about providing the means to measure the trust and reputation of information sources; it’s about inspiring content creators, giving them the ability to maintain ownership of their assets across all third party channels, and the opportunity to receive a fair return for their efforts; and it’s about giving advertisers the chance to engage with willing audiences, and to incentivize all influencers in a simple and convenient fashion. In other words, we’re developing capabilities that will fundamentally re-shape the concept of social media.

  • Details
  • The strategy that’s going to help us get there  Imagine taking all that’s right about it – the ability to stay in touch with friends and family, colleagues and like-minded individuals, to share news and updates, celebrate winning and overcome losing – and putting that power in the hands of the people actually using it.Imagine a decentralized platform that doesn’t monetize personal data and content for the benefits of a few owners and shareholders. Rather it enables all involved to become part ofafinanciallyrewardingcommunityofusers who collectively benefit from the commercial viability of the network.Imagine too a platform that properly rewards content creators for their efforts, provides a mechanism for followers to tip their efforts and offers advertisers the ability to connect directly with their target audiences, and to engage with people who have proactively agreed to consume this content in return for a share of the overall campaign cost.A platform based on the values of equality, integrity, and meritocracy. Where a person’s contribution is translated into measurable value. Where advertising becomes a revenue stream for the person reading it, or simply switched off all together. And where the rewards for participation equate to real wealth that’s allowed to break free from the traditional limitations surrounding money transfer.


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  • Brett King
  • Advisor
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  • Peter Kristensen
  • Advisor – C6 Advisor
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  • Andy Honess
  • Advisor
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  • Alan De Saram
  • Legal Counsel
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  • Simon Sparks
  • Advisor
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  • Jordan Fantaay
  • Advisor
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  • Marianne Dansker Soerensen
  • Advisor
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  • Angelo Dodaro
  • Advisor
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  • David Brierley
  • Founder and Chief Initiator
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  • Mark Perring
  • Chief Engagement Officer
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  • Beth Lawton
  • Front End Developer
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  • Paul Mears
  • Director and Advisor
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  • Ian Gilmour
  • Treasury & Risk
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  • James Farlow
  • Senior Technical Architect
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  • Ankur Maheshwari
  • Head of R&D
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  • Danny Montaner
  • Head of Gaming Strategy
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  • Darius Fahimifar
  • Senior Project Manager
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  • Chris Woulds
  • Head of Operations & Invention
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PreICO Price1 uDoo = 0.08 USD
Price0.0689 USD
Accepting80 USD
Minimum investment80 USD
Hard cap25,000,000 USD
CountryCayman Islands
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areasUSA
Category Artificial Intelligence , Communications , CryptoCurrency , Events & Entertainment , Infrastructure , Media
Total Supply311,111,110
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