HashGains is a new company in the field of cryptocurrency. This leading platform was started à bunch of hardworking members. If you invest Hashgainsnicely in the process of cryptocurrency mining, then your investment will give you better ROI. The support and sales team of HashGains are immensely supporting in this regard.  You’ll undoubtedly receive all your investment and also can earn a significant amount of profit.

To establish the green data centers in Quebec (Canada) and Rajasthan (India) HashGains offers ICO or Initial Coin Offering. HashGains has chosen these two places as its centers because Canada and India is the hub of wind and solar energy and HashGains is going to make use of these energy resources as they are renewable.  It will create a mining environment which is eco-friendly as well.

HashGains is supported by a trendy name in the cryptocurrency industry. They also have over 15 years of experience in managing and running different data centers. Over 50,000,000 HGS or HashGains tokens will be distributed by HashGains in four phases, and the price will be $1. The HashGains token platform is mainly Etherium based platform, and the currencies can be accepted by HashGains ICO like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

  • Rates and Bonuses
  • 1$


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  • Position
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  • Anuj Bairathi
  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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  • Ravish Sharma
  • Vice President – Operations
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  • Gary Barlow
  • Director, Green Data Management Services, UK & Europe
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  • Ravi Sharma
  • Assistant Vice President-Sales, Cryptocurrency
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  • Rahul Baweja
  • Assistant Vice President – IT Infrastructure
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  • Munish Mahajan
  • Assistant Vice President- Marketing and Management
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Platform Ethereum
Category Mining
Total Supply 50,000,000
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1 thought on “HashGains”

  1. Decibels says:

    Hashgains ICO Sale was 100% a scam!
    They padded the mining contract earnings that you guys would get extra for free for buying tokens at a discount. They said the mining contracts were earning more then 100x the amount that they actually did! This was a malicious tactic made to try and shill more token purchases by thinking you could earn all your purchase back by mining within the first few months! 
    This is complete misrepresentation and theft! They deserve to be hit hard by the SEC for these shill tactics!
    When I confronted them about the mining contracts, my earnings dropped nearly 100x and they said they never seen anything! They hid it to try and shill more buy ins!

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