Handelion is for co-funded trade. It is a blockchain ecosystem. Any investors, logistics companies, buyers, and manufacturers can be benefitted from digital contract functionality.  This is enclosed by smart cooperation algorithms. The location is in Latvia and the platform is Ethereum. The current value of the token is 1 ETH = 480 – 400 HION. Transparency, rapidity, reliability and various opportunities are the core concepts.  Handelion (HION) will allow small businesses to buy goods from the manufacturers, financial leverage will be provided, selling goods with prepayment and using the infrastructure facilities the payments will be received promptly.  Insurance companies, and rating agencies will use the big data service of the Handelion (HION) to find the opportunities and risks in the market. The amount of token issues will result in participants’ turnover.

As an investor, you will receive the benefits of transparency to check the borrower’s credit scores and all the other financial detail to assess the borrower’s risk and profits. There is a minimum risk due to prepayment facility and liquid collateral. The easy set-up procedure and quick earning can be achieved with the Handelion (HION) token.

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  • As a buyer, you get to enjoy leverage by applying for funding. There is an advantage of unfreezing funds in which where you would have to pay only 30% and the rest 70% can be paid along with commissions when it is necessary. The buyer can select the open contract selection to enjoy the best services. You can make payments to seller easily and quickly.


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  • Boriss Kadish
  • CEO
  • Arky Ivanov
  • CTO
  • Valery Cvetkov
  • COO
  • Alekxey Stepanov
  • Project Manager
  • Dmitry Sergeev
  • Project Manager
  • Alexey Gulayev
  • Project Manager
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Token HION
Price 1 ETH = 480 - 400 HION
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP
Soft cap 10,665.761 ETH
Hard cap 54,818.534 ETH
Country Latvia
Category Finance
Total Supply 29,750,000
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