Hackspace platform is related to financing and development of the innovative startups. Hackspace Capital is available in the form of an online shop. The HAC token holder will be able to acquire services and products of Hackspace Capital startups along with 20% discount. The location of the company is in Cyprus. The Hackspace token is based on the Ethereum platform. These tokens are payment mechanism both services and products.

HAC tokens are not for speculative use and if there are speculative buyers, it will be dealt by the professional advisors. Token holders of HAV tokens have the right to exchange goods and service. The buyers will receive a significant discount and three-month advance products. The engineering services are handled with minimum paperwork and contracts. The barriers are less between the clients and engineering service providers.

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  • HAC tokens are exchanged for fiat currencies and other cryptos free of charge on liquid exchanges. Or it is possible to sell HAC tokens through this platform itself if the buyer is interested in goods and services of HACKSPACE. There is a strong demand for sellers of HACKSPACE considering the science and technology development products and services.
    HACKSPACE will support the startup projects; create an online platform, specialized marketing staff, and R&D engineering infrastructure.  Services are offered through a token sale. Developing a production center to reduce the production and manufacturing cost for the developed products. Creating infrastructure and hackspaces in global hotspots to mentor and train the upcoming entrepreneurs and investors. HACKSPACE tokens are ultimately for innovative startups.


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  • Mikhail Zhyvets
  • CEO at Hackspace Capital
  • Oleg Kondrashov
  • CTO at Hackspace Capital, CEO at EnCata
  • Michael Tavis
  • CFO at Hackspace Capital
  • Dr. Petr Dudin
  • CCO at Hackspace Capital, Partner and СSO at EnCata
  • Petr Sidelnikov
  • Financial Manager at Hackspace Capital
  • Fedor Mukin
  • CIO at Hackspace Capital
  • Michael Vaga
  • Marketing Manager at Hackspace Capital, CEO at HandEnergy
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Token HAC
Platform Ethereum
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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