The Golden Fleece (GFL) project aims to construct a mining datacenter in Free Industrial Zone (tax free) in Georgia. The volume of the total investment of this project covers $40 million. The token offered by Golden Fleece is GFL token. Golden Fleece token (GFL) is issued on Ethereum base. A third party mining equipment hosting service has been introduced by Golden Fleece. Depending on the quantity the flat fees is 13-16 cent per KW/h.GFL HDMU is the most energy-efficient mining facility consuming 350 KW/h and does not require additional cooling equipment. GFL miners and clients from Georgia, Ukraine and South Africa successfully utilized HDMU from December 2017.

50% of the profit will be distributed to Golden Fleece token holders by means of dividend payout on monthly basis. Other half of profit will be reinvested for the expansion of datacenter’s capacity. Golden Fleece datacenters will use different types of equipment for mining cryptocurrencies. Ethereum and other GPU compatible equipment will occupy majority share in the datacenter facility. The current value of 1 GFL token is 0.0224 USD. It has a current circulating supply of coins and a total volume exchanged of $350. The total supply of Golden Fleece GFL token is 500,000,000 GFL. The token decimal is 18.

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  • 80,000,000 GFL out of 100,000,000 GFL which was released early will be destroyed from 1 October 2017. Every day 10,000,000 GFL will be destroyed. Golden Fleece token (GFL) represents 1 share in the company. During ICO rounds there are 350,000,000 shares were offered during ICO rounds.


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  • Vakhtang Gogokhia
  • Co-Founder & Ceo
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  • Ilia Gogichaishvili
  • Senior Adviser, Harvard MBA
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  • Nikoloz Khidureli
  • General Adviser, Stanford Fellow
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  • Shota Metreveli
  • Chief Counsel
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  • Lasha Ramishvili
  • Chief Technical Officer
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  • David Beraia
  • IT Infrastructure Architect
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Token GFL
Platform Ethereum
Category Mining
Total Supply 350,000,000

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