Goldea unlocks the gold mining potential. Having higher standards in terms of transparency and supporting feature of each investor, Goldea is made easily accessible in gold mining. It mainly focuses on solving the problem based on Ethereum based blockchain project by implementing a modern platform where both the investors and the developers sink to realize the gold mining projects together. The token offered by Goldea is named as Goldea token and the value will bring a considerable profit to the company over time. It is an opportunity available for the investors to deposit in gold at a discount rate. Further it also eliminates the brokerage costs, any hidden barriers, professional troubles and other personal disclosures.

Goldea has the Ethereum base and it is a blockchain option for gold mining. The main focus of Goldea is to develop the gold mining project located in West Africa via ICO. The Goldea project is located in Republic of Mali where large number of gold mining is available. Their main aim is to take the world’s leading position in the production of gold. The total issue of the token is 3,000,000 tokens.

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  • The price of 1 GEA token on Pre-ICO during the period of September to October 2017 is 6$ whereas the price of 1 GEA token on ICO during the period of November to December 2017 is 15$.  1 GEA token confirms the ownership of 1 gram of gold deposited and exploited. 1 GEA token crowdfunding price varies between 3-15$ and corresponds to 1 gram of gold exploited. The location of this company is Serbia. There is no restricted areas for this token.
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Token GEA
PreICO Price 1 GEA = 6 USD
Price 1 GEA = 12-21 USD
Platform Ethereum
Country Serbia
Category Mining
Total Supply 3,000,000
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