Gems is the protocol for decentralized mechanical turk. People will use Gems to complete micro-tasks.

There are 3 levels to Gems:
– Gems Protocol: The Gems Protocol assesses the validity of work and trust of network participants; DApps will be built on top of the Gems Protocol
– Gems Platform: The first platform built off of the Gems Protocol; pairs workers and requesters for micro tasks.
– Modules: Reusable open-source task interfaces built on the Gems Platform

Anyone can build on the Gems Protocol, creating innovative verification methods for new types of work. Gems reduces consensus by redundancy, increases pay for individual workers while decreasing total pay for requesters, creates efficient interfaces, eliminates large fees, allows others to build innovative DApps on top of it, and enables computer literate workers with internet to work with or without a bank account.


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  • Rory O'Reilly
  • Co-Founder
  • Kieran O'Reilly
  • Co-Founder
  • Biz Stone
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Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
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