Gelios LLP engages in petroleum retail. The company owns and operates gas filling stations. Gelios LLP was founded in 2002 and is based in Kostanay, Kazakhstan. Gelios is a cryptocurrency lending marketplace. The mission of the Gelios platform is to offer more flexibility to the lending industry. It uses the decentralized credit bureau built using the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain infrastructure. Using this infrastructure people from all over the world can receive capital.The location of this company is in Russia.

Gelios is a global Peer 2 Peer lending platform. The symbol for this token is GLS. This token is used on the platform to provide value through different firms. The main approach of Gelios is platform specific which means not to provide scoring or KYC by itself. However it offers services connect to it for better coverage and synergy. Risk-analysts are the main researchers of blockchain who get the data about borrowers implemented into blockchain. The current price of the token is 1GLS = 1 USD. The soft cap is 1M USD. The platform for this token is Ethereum and the token type is ERC20. The number of transfers is 63 and the number of holders is 46. There is no restricted area for this token.

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  • 30% bonus
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  • 8572500


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  • Victor Orlovsky
  • President
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  • Galina Bakhmetyeva
  • CEO
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  • Artem Zhilin
  • COO
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Token GLS
Price 1 GLS = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap1M USD
Whitelist/KYC None
Category Finance
Total Supply 16,808,824
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