Galaxy eSolutions (GES)

Galaxy eSolution is a Global eCommerce marketplace. The project type is in the form of token form. This token is used for the refurbished, pre-owned and other consumer electronics. The GES is the operating as an open source ecosystem and incorporation the hybrid P2P blockchain platform. This platform workswith the marketplaces for the phone trade-in. The phone trade in which has the direct C2B and B2B model which will evolve to become an ecosystem and marketplace.

The token comes under the category of commerce and advertising in the location of Hong Kong. The present price rate of 1 ETH = 10,000 GES and the acceptable forms of currencies includes ETH. The platform used for this Token system is Ethereum. The minimum investment in this token is 0.1 ETH. The Hard cap value for the token is 25000 ETH.

  • Details
  • The blockchain in the token is used for the recording details such as goods, transactions,and logistics. And this will reduce inefficiencies caused by the supply chain and resolve any supplier credibility issues. The Galaxy eSolutions token will become the utility tokens. And also this is able to use on the blockchain platform as discounted transactions and listing fee.
    • This token has the strategic investment partnership with a fully licensed supplier
    • And it works with the factory partner to establish standard grading and used to control and checks the program.
    • And also it worked with the current investor who is one of the largest private logistics company, in direct local fulfillment solutions.


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  • Yuen Wong
  • Co-Founder & CEO
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  • Joe Chan
  • CTO
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  • Erik Hohmann
  • CMO
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  • Chris Wong
  • COO
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  • Simon Choi
  • Fintech, Blockchain & Global ICO Lawyer
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  • Pranav Burnwal
  • Region Head at Blockchain Education Network & Senior Application Developer
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  • Brennan Bennett
  • Blockchain Technology Consultant
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Token GES
Price 1 ETH = 10,000 GES
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment 0.1 ETH
Hard cap 25000 ETH
Country Hong Kong
Category Commerce & Advertising
Total Supply 2,800,000
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