Founded by the information technologies, finance, economics, marketing and game industry professionals in 2017, Forty seven is a specialized financial institution that is developed to provide safe and high-quality banking services for individual and institutional customers. With adexterous team of professionals and strong technical expertise, the objective of the Forty seven is to develop innovative, flexible and open Application Platform thereby people can do secure transaction between monetary economies and digital finance.
The notable features of Forty Seven:
• Forty Seven is a highly secure financial institution that ensures the safety of the system from any malicious attack.
• Due to the Blockchain technology, it is transparent. Once the transaction is recorded in the system no one can alter it.
• It is fast, the transaction takes place immediately.


Name Position Links
Aleksandrs MalinsChief Executive Officer, Member of the Board
Igors AstapčiksChief Operational Officer, Member of the Board
Vladimirs TomkoChief Marketing Officer, Member of the Board
Mihails SkoblovsChief Financial Officer, Member of the Board
Aristoteles VargasHead of Financial Market Development Department, Member of the Board
Anton AzamatovChief Technical Officer
Jevgenijs PlamsBlockchain Developer
Edgars AbolsChief Legal Officer
Lilija KovaļčukaArt Director
Jevgenijs LesevsHead of Internal Audit
Vitalijs GrundsteinsProject Manager
Kristiāna ŠtauereLead Analyst
Nana ZhangCommunity Manager (Asia)


Token FSBT
Price 1 FSBT = 0.0047 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap 3,600 ETH
Hard cap 36,000 ETH
Country Latvia
Category Finance
Total Supply 101,063,830

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