Fornicoin is the cryptocurrency for adult transactions and purchases. It benefits both the producer and consumer by saving both money and time. Furthermore, the traditional problems of adult related transactions are removed using Fornicoin. Current services charge excessive fees, permit chargebacks, take excessively long and are visible to others. Fornicoin addresses these problems by providing low fees, no chargebacks, near instant transactions and privacy. Fornicoin further provides benefits by filtering and providing a platform for the adult industry. Content producers can become a part of the Fornicoin platform and accept Fornicoin token for the benefit of speed and frugality.

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Token FXX
PreICO Price 1ETH = 1,300 FXX
Price 1 ETH = 850 - 1100 FXX
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap 75,000,000
Hard cap 100,000,000
Restricted areas USA, China
Category Events & Entertainment
Total Supply 100,000,000
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