Founded by the seasoned and neat hand team of professionals, Flying Money is the Blockchain based state-of-the-art platforms that include currencies, commodities equities and real estate. In the arena of ICO initial coin offering, this is the first platform which will enable users to trade on major digital exchanges in order to settle trades, transfer funds and diversify cryptocurrency portfolios. Apart from that, all currency tokens will be backed 100% by an equivalent amount of fiat currency held in a bank account.  Flying Money will enable users to buy and sell tokens on digital market globally.

The notable features of Flying Money:

  • Flying Money Digital Currency Tokens will be tradable on major exchanges worldwide, enabling trading of digital currencies into tangible assets to diversify crypto currency portfolios reducing volatility.
  • The Platform is highly secured, so there is no chance of any malicious attack and hacking.

The platform is easy and hassle free, users don’t need follow a lot of process to buy or sell coin token. Flying Money digital currency tokens are purchasable on the Flying Money website.

Project TypeBlockchain
Category CryptoCurrency
LocationHong Kong
Total Supply50,000,000
Bitcoin TalkOpen

First Week Bonus on top of Discounted Tokens is 50%. rnSecond Week Bonus on top of Discounted Tokens 40%.

Rates and Bonuses
There is a Pre Sale Discount of 50% for the 10,000,000rnSpecial Bonus applies in the Pre Sale for a limited number of Flying Money Tokens
Pre Sale 10m TokensrnICO 40m Tokens


Russell James HattonManaging Director
Karl VizvaryCEO
Ravi PrakashCTO
Prashant ThakurAdvisory Board Member, Blockchain, AI, IoT
Patrick ChoiAdvisory Board Member, Capital Markets
James FitzSimonsAdvisory Board Member, Legal Counsel
Sean BirchleyCOO
Yong In ChoAdvisory Board Member, VP Payment Gateways
David DiamondAdvisory Board Member, Audit, Trust Structures
Sadie HuttonVP, Marketing Strategy
Graham DoggartAdvisory Board Member, Blockchain and Fintech
Adam Serra-SanfelinVP, Social Media Marketing

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6 days 5 hours left

2018-01-31 - 2018-03-29
PreICO Price 1 FML = 0.50 USD
Price 1 FML = 1 USD
Accepting BTC, ETH
Soft cap5000000 USD
Hard cap35000000 USD
CountryHong Kong
Restricted areasUSA

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