FintechFans is an organization based in the Netherlands, which already has five years of experience. The service offered by this ethereum platform is the blockchain technology, which assists to link people who are searching for work and company looking for employees.  The company plans to be more than the job boards. In fact, FintechFans is the decentralized staffing platform in which companies and professionals can connect easily and more closely.

The company believes in eliminating the middleman and going directly to business with the user-friendly platform, which can unite the people in the job market.  By this way, they can offer the more effective way of professional discovering jobs on the freelance basis and assist the freelance market to grow well in the more efficient and secure manner. This will be good for both freelancers and companies.

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  • The company is developing the decentralized marketplace for short-term positions and one-off tasks. The way the contractor-staffing niche works now is subpar. Recruiters arethe all-powerful man in the job-hiring sector. They increase prices and damaging the work quality in the end. They need to be very secretive about the experts in their network in order to make sure they will be paid perfectly for placement and endangering the selection quality on the organization side.
    The vision of this token sale is to collect the funds for the development of the decentralized marketplace for the company professionals. This platform will be turned into a location where the companies can able to hire talented and fresh professionals both short term and long term. The current price of the FintechFans is 1 ETH = 280 FINC.


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  • Marcel van Oost
  • CEO
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  • Wiebe-Marten Wijnja
  • CTO, DLT Expert
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  • Frank Jansema
  • CFO
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  • Rene van Pelt
  • CMO, Crypto Veteran
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  • Paul Scholtens
  • Legal Expert
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  • Ratko Stambolija
  • Community Manager, Cryptocurrency Expert
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  • Khareem Sudlow
  • Community Manager
  • Luke Sherwood
  • Community Manager
  • Gary Grant
  • Sales Lead Hong Kong
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Token FINC
Price 1 FINC = 1 EUR
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingEuros, USD, GBP, BTC and ETH
Soft cap1000000 FINC
Hard cap12000000 FINC
Country Netherlands
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 252
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