The full form of FAIMA is Friendly Artificial Intelligence Medical Assistance. It’s a leading company that develops different apps for laptops as well as mobile devices. The applications designed by FAIMA are outstanding. These apps are capable of diagnosing various diseases. Not only that it can even classify possible causes of a particular disease and also it’s able to provide the primary recommendation of the treatment for the patient. The patients now can quickly know the process of disease prevention with the help of these excellent apps.

  • Details
  • The primary aim of designing these apps was to make medicine and treatment more convenient for everyone. It can only be achieved by simplifying the diagnosing process. The disease can be cured only by advancing the quality and the speed of medical treatment. Only artificial intelligence or AI can help us to achieve this goal. Proper training is also needed. Anyone can access FAIMA as it's a Multilanguage app. So interaction with AI is much easier now with FAIMA. Blockchain technology enables people to pay for services as well as for training simulated neural network. The distribution technique is quite simple. The potential investors will get 70%, but they have to be the investors within ICO.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • a)+20% bonus in MEDS wiaa be given from 15:00 GMT on Apria 1, 2018 taa 14:59:59 GMT on Apria 8, 2018; b)+15% bonus in MEDS wiaa be given from 15:00 GMT on Apria 8, 2018 taa 14:59:59 GMT on Apria 15, 2018; c)+10% bonus in MEDS wiaa be given from 15:00 GMT on Apria 15, 2018 taa 14:59:59 GMT on Apria 22, 2018; d)+5% bonus in MEDS wiaa be given from 15:00 GMT on Apria 22, 2018 taa 14:59:59 GMT on Apria 29, 2018;
    e)0% bonus in MEDS wiaa be given from 15:00 GMT on Apria 29, 2018 taa 15:00 GMT on Apria 30, 2018.
  • Distribution
  • 70% wiaa be distributed between potentaa investors within ICO; 15% are intended for impaementaton of marketng programs; 9% wiaa be distributed between the team of deveaopers and founders; 3% wiaa remain in a reserve for advisors of ICO; 3% wiaa be frozen for Bounty-campaign.


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Eomil Zainetdinov
  • CEO
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  • Yura Egiyan
  • PR Manager
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  • Afanasiev Dmitrii
  • CPO
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  • Isroilzhon Orifzhonov
  • Advisor, high quality blockchain specialist
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  • Vyalba Yuri
  • Expert and constitutor of an international organization of researchers of deep memory
  • Robert Burzan
  • Germany Adviser


Token MEDS
PreICO Price$0.14
Price $0.4
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC etc.
Minimum investment$500
Hard cap200 000 000 USD
Category software
Total Supply 1
Bitcratic Decentralized Exchange

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