Exsulcoin is focused on solving the global refugee crisis, affecting 130 countries around the world, and over 300 million people (as refugees, internally-displaced persons, and people living in refugee-like situations). The key challenge to helping refugees is integration, which is defined as education and work opportunities that allow a refugee to “fit in” his new host country community.

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  • The Exsulcoin token (XUL) works across four systems: 1. The Exsul education app. The Exsul app delivers high-quality free basic education to refugees. Instead of giving people "grades" as part of skills assessments, we give them tokens, (i.e., instead of getting an A or B in class, you get an A or B token). At the upper levels, you can trade your in-app tokens for Exsulcoins, which can be spent. This serves two purposes; the first is that we create an economically-sound basis for education, where students are paid to learn. This helps kids stay in school where they might otherwise need to find work to help support their families, and keeps girls from pursuing work in the sex trade (which is also fueled by a need to earn income instead of schooling). The second purpose is that blockchain is a great "write once, read many" ledger, and that's exactly what we need to record grades, especially in less-developed countries where school records are sometimes less trustworthy due to corruption. 2. The Exsulchain platform The Exsulchain platform allows refugees to list appeals for help, which we call projects. These projects are matched to donors using machine learning, and then donors are able to help refine, nominate, and vote for projects to be seen by other donors, using Exsulcoin. Projects that receive a minimum number of votes (a quorum) are funded, also using Exsulcoin. In this way, it is a platform which decentralizes humanitarian aid. 3. Nanowork The Exsulchain platform will also allow micrometered work opportunities, which we call nanowork. Nanowork consists of small tasks that people can be hired for, depending on skills assessments on the Exsul education app. 4. Reputation system All users on the Exsul education app and Exsulchain platform first sign up for an exsulcoin wallet. This is a public key on the Ethereum blockchain that is linked to a specific individual and is what is used track performance and transaction history on both the Exsul education app and Exsulchain platform. Each user's "trustworthiness" is developed over time, based on how they interact with others on the platform. (Refugees generally want the opposite of anonymity: they want to be seen and have a voice; they want to be less invisible and matter to others.) These four parts form the basis for the Exsulcoin project. Exsulcoin is active and has completed multiple pilots at the Kutupalong Rohingya Refugee Camp in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. Exsulcoin is using its ICO to generate funds for scaling operations. Our whitepaper: https://exsulcoin.com/docs/exsul-coin-whitepaper-print.pdf
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  • Pre-ICO: One ETH = 2000 XULrnICO: One ETH = 1000 XUL


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  • James Song
  • CEO
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Token XUL
PreICO Price1 ETH = 3000 XUL
Price 1 ETH = 1000 XUL
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap4,000,000 ETH
CountryNew York and Yangon (Myanmar)
Category charity
Total Supply 3,600,000,000
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