The chief aim of Experty is to encourage people to adopt cryptocurrency globally. This will be possible with the creation of an intuitive application – one that is user-friendly and is perfect for large-scale usage. Mass adoption is expected in the next three years. Anyone, willing to take help of the Experty app for making a consultation, will be given a cryptocurrency wallet.

The focus is on solving the crisis found in blockchain community by giving scope to experts to use their skills through a voice plus video application, similar to Skype. Payments are made by EXY, the native token of Experty. That will result in an expansion of the blockchain community.

Why will you use Experty?

1. Quick access
There is a lack of interest in giving contact numbers to unknown people and taking their calls. Experty wants to solve this issue. With the help of Experty, any professional, influencer can share their knowledge with anybody on the earth.

2. Quick answers
With a minimum setup, calls can be made here. It primarily means that qualified experts will give answers as soon as possible. If the service provided is not satisfactory, refunds are given.

3. Quick payment
Experts in Experty are paid instantly based on the duration they spend on calls, without any third party intermediary. Payments are taken care of through the advanced contract system, and callers are not expected to pay upfront.


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  • Kamil Przeorski
  • CEO Founder
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  • Tom Dyl
  • CTO CO-Founder
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  • Greg Kucmierz
  • Solidity engineer, co-founder
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  • Blaise Mathai
  • Communications Manager
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  • Sarah Khan
  • Project Director
  • Hubert Stemplewski
  • Mobile Developer
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Price 1 EXY = 0.001 ETH
Accepting BTC, ETH, Various, Fiat
Hard cap 9,000,000 USD
Country Switzerland
Category Communications
Total Supply33,000,000
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