This ICO business was founded in the year 2014. They started the company with the notion of establishing a café which sells pastry and provides a broad, modern-designed platform. It aims to run a chain of pastries in a global market. The business idea is modern as well as transparent.

The primary objective of the Evacoin project is quite simple – to build a rare chain of fresh confectionery cakes. This chain is international, and the name of the brand is EVABONBONS.

So, the essence of this particular notion is to initiate the transparency of business for all involved investors. All financial flows, as well as technological processes, are revealed to the investors in apt time. They are also given the scope to contribute to the development strategy of the company.

For financing in this platform, EVACOIN tokens are introduced. The EVACOIN tokens are created in ICOs, and token sale is also made in the ICOs. This is done when smart contracts are used on the Ehtereum facilitated platform.

Transparency is maintained in case of internal production processes and financial solutions in this ICO website. To ensure this, the development of an IT tool is in the process so that it can deal with the issues internally. Use of the EVACOIN token is mandatory in such exchanges.


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  • Vera Osinina
  • Founder and pasrty chef of EVABONBONS
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Token EVA
Price 1 EVA = 0.33 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment0.01 ETH
Soft cap150000 USD
Hard cap 750000 USD
Category Business services
Total Supply 3,450,309
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