The Eticket4 is otherwise known as the ET4.  This is created by the Israel entrepreneurs. This is designed based on the ethereum platform. This ticketing platform provides event ticket distribution and exchange with the aid of the advanced tool and flexible program.

Moreover, this is used in Israel country that accepts the ETH and BTC. The price of the token is 1 ETH = 1000 ET4. This is a dedicated ticket platform for the loyal customer and investor.

Both of them cover up to 100 % of the investment. These tokens can be utilized by the seller to obtain the advanced tool for the trading convenience. One can able to get the commission for the payment in the token. There is no restriction to use the token.

It introduces the block chain functionality that beneficial for the ticketing system. The people can get the loyalty rewards with the support of the crypto token.  The ticket market regulates it via the smart contract. You can check the review of the token and then use it.

  • Details
  • If the investors who are interested in the long-term growth, this is suitable for them. The investor is regarded as the platform participants. With this token, the investor’s acts as an event organizer, ticket buyer or ticket broker.
    The users get the 10 % cashback rewards in the token. The token is valued up to 20 % for the world cup tickets. The users access the forecasting features. The ticket buyers or brokers gain the ET4 token as the payment.


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  • Daniil Kruchinin
  • Founder / Marketing
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  • Dmitry Fedorovich
  • Cofounder / Chief Developer
  • Dmitry Plahov
  • Adviser
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  • Jevgenijs Vainsteins
  • Cofounder / Chief Developer
  • Konstantin Lazukin
  • Adviser / Chief Developer
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  • Vladimir Kirilenko
  • Cofounder / Chief Developer
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Token ET4
PreICO Price1 ETH = 1000 ET4
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC
Soft cap100 ETH
Hard cap13,800 ETH
Category Events & Entertainment
Total Supply 6,000,000
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