EthLend is develops decentralized leading loans on the market. The token is suitable for financial usage. It is end to end decentralized smart contract on blockchain.  Ethereum platform offer great solution lending collateral.EthLendtoken helps to borrow better contract for your collateral. This company created token by using blockchain technology. It is used on ERc20 token.  Price of the token is 0.02 USD.

The company is distributing tokens on Estonia. The token is available forall lending purposes of contracts.  Each transaction is visible for block explorers.  The token price is same on pre-sale and token sale.  10% of bonus will be provided for fist 200000000 lend and 5% bonus for next 100000000 lend.   It gives various kinds of business opportunities around the world.

In blockchain and crytpocurrency you secure financial marketplace easily. Lots of companies are operating business by using the blockchain token.  It offers exact solution of peer to peer marketplace. There is block accounts involved in the token. With the digital currency customer sort all issues quickly and access some services.  Many aspects will be handled by the contracts to operate financial services.

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  • It keeps fewer amounts of specific parties that are involved.   Moreover, they focus on to offer transparency on using the token.  Holders get 25% bonus on deployment fees in the platform.   Businesses also acquire some profits on ecosystem. It becomes demand on decentralized platform. It offers to solve issues on projects. The token helps to operate your business without finding any risks on financial.
Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token LEND
PreICO Price1 ETH = 30 000 LEND.
Category Finance
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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