Currently, a sports platform is developed based on EtherSportz is one of the best popular games for everyone such as PUBG Player Unknowns: Battlegrounds, DOTA 2 [Defence of the Ancients 2], and League of Legends, StarCraft II, CS-GO [Counter-Strike Global Offensive] and etc. The website is mobile friendly so you can access the website from the smartphone, computer and other devices. It provides the simple interface with the great user experience. The tax wallet system ensures the maximum security of the ether. It evolves the Bitcoin mining that consumes an enormous amount of energy within the world consumption and according to the marketplace values. The Cryptocurrency gives a salient solution that mingles with top graphs suitable within the hard-pressed one in the black as well on the top 10 coins. The professional eSports industry is almost complete on online streaming with companies such as Amazon-owned as well as providing the millions of with 24/7 coverage and the ability to engage with other users in real-time. Moreover, these online streaming elements which allow the eSports industry of flourish and gain significant traction.

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  • It creates a revolution in terms of services to individuals, because the company plans to exceed its direct competitors by implementing flexible workforce model & provides freedom over the services found in a decentralized approach.
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    This involves lots of things so that everyone gets caused partly by assuming with the fuelled by news report to the investors and others.


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  • Matthew Skinner
  • Founder & Solution Architect
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  • Josh Lamont
  • Co-Founder & Solution Designer
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  • Alex Trottier
  • Smart Contract Solidity Developer
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  • Andrew Lisech
  • Project Manager
  • Charles Persson
  • Server Engineer
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  • Nikita Gohil
  • Community Advisor
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Platform Ethereum
Category Events & Entertainment
Total Supply 7,000,000
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