We are the very first project that offers a mining hardware group bulk purchase through a token sale. We managed to close a deal with a hardware provider that can go up to 30% discount rewarded in extra mining hardware. With this deal we can offer contributors up to 30% more mining hardware for the same invested amount. We combine this group bulk purchase with our green, renewable energy mining concept to provide token holders with the highest possible returns . Mining project with smart contracts integrated. We do not run a business like cloud mining. The purchased hardware is directly attached to the tokens. Our smart contract will distribute mining returns every week directly to the token holders personal wallet. No need to signup, buy mining contract, scared to get hacked, loose password. As long as you hold your tokens you will receive weekly returns directly to your wallet.

  • Details
  • ETHernitymining is developed by a team of crypto enthusiasts. Our team is a group of crypto experts, mining experts, marketing team, green energy experts and a team of top advisors. Together we will make this project a huge succes. The main goal of ETHernitymining is providing crypto enthusiasts the most profitable mining opportunity ever seen. A combination of using green energy, a huge mining hardware deal and a service running entirely on tokens and smart contracts, we can avoid expensive costs. In this way we can offer the most profitable mining opportunity you have ever seen. To stay ahead of future issues like difficulty increase,... we use a 25% compounding structure. This means that 25% of all weekly mining returns will be reinvested in extra mining hardware. In this way we can expand our mining facilities and increase our mining capacity. So even when difficulty increases or other costs increase we will still be able to keep profitable. ETHernitymining mining project is THE solution for: - unprofitable or scammy  cloudmining services. - people that want to join the crypto mining space but don't have acces to cheap power resources. - people that want to get involved in mining but don't know how to. - people that want to contribute to a token that will grow in value in a self sustainable way by our compounding model. - people that want to contribute to a token that not only has an exchange value but also a REAL value 100% backed by our total mining hardware supply.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • 80% bonus during early bird pre sale until 15th of May. 1 to 5% commission paid out in tokens for everyone in your referral structure up to 4 levels deep.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Eskom
  • energy advisor
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  • price waterhouse coopers
  • financial and auditing consultant
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  • Kevin Orban
  • Investor, Green energy expert
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  • Tony Joseph Kipper
  • ceo, founder
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  • Wimpie Pretorius
  • Engineer, Mining expert
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  • Birgit Viett
  • Marketing
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  • Matthias Feindert
  • Security, Privacy
  • Pomogalov Vladimir Anatolevich
  • Blockchain expert, Smart contract developer
  • Phillip Nunn
  • advisor, ICObench top advisor
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  • Amarpreet Singh
  • advisor,ICObench top advisor
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Token ETM
PreICO Price1 ETM = 0.15 USD
Price 0.2000 USD
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment100 ETM
Soft cap2,500,000 USD
Hard cap21,000,000 USD
CountrySouth Africa
Restricted areas None
Category CryptoCurrency , Energy & Utilities , Investment
Total Supply 120,000,000
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