Ethereum Sweepstakes is largest jackpot which use to make best odd and created by ethereum blockchain.   The company is located in Costa Rica country.  It is used for gambling and casino that developed on ethereum platform.    The ethereal cryptocurrency help players to play their favorite casino game online over the world.   Ethereum Sweepstakes is built according to new technology and no scam or fraud with the transparency.

It offers smart contact to players and guarantees prize distribute to the winner automatically.     In this, you might find 100 % guarantee for jack pot prize.  It allows a player to access worldwide with no restricted area.  Anyone play a game anywhere at any time with the token.  Ethereum Sweepstakes is decentralized cryptocurrencies that operated internationally.

The token has a price of 1 SWEEP= 1ETH.  However, the token is accepting with ETH.   It is supplied to 4000000 totally yet now.   Pay out of jack pot winner provided via online.  By using the token, payers found winning odds.

  • Details
  • This token is equivalent to the blockchain. It transfers money to prize winner of the game.   According to the last sold of SWEEP, block winner wallet transferred automatically.   It gives perfect odds of winning, lots of prizes and jackpots.
     A player finds the best way to claim jack pot and multiple winners also there for the game. Luckiest and unluckiest person participate in the game. If you like to be a winner of jack pot game, purchase the token and enjoy gambling with the game. It gives the best solution for your invested amount.
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Price 1 SWEEP = 1 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap 1000000 SWEEP
Country Costa Rica
Category Casino & Gambling
Total Supply 4,000,000

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