For storing the business data of customers securely, a traditional development platform is necessary. Without proper security, the business data of customers is completely vulnerable and therefore, can anytime be subject to internal threat and data abuse. So, the unique formulation of the strict security system as well as agreement confidentiality is mandatory. The EPOCH platform’s common node ensures the maximum amount of data security.

The platform of EPOCH allows trading by EPO token. The development team of EPOCH has created the innovative EPOCH Blockchain remedy that provides services of enterprise level. Their concept is “open and sharing,” and based on this concept, a blockchain infrastructure will be built by EPOCH. The existing members of the team are endowed with professional experience and sheer expertise. They have practiced their technicalities in fields like the implementation of ERP project and DAPP or distributed application development.

For obtaining similar ability, usually migration of traditional business data and development of cross-platform collaboration are required. Significant amount of strength in technicality as a result of immense technical difficulty and longer duration is accumulated. Design of the framework is taken care of totally by the EPOCH ecosystem. Multilingual adaptation of interface is one important key feature. Access requirements will be catered to with perfection.


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  • Leonz Kessler
  • Co-founder and Principal Consultant
  • Niklas Lattmann
  • Co-founder and CEO
  • Balz Lenzi
  • Co-founder and Chief Architect
  • Conz Brändli
  • Blockchain Technology Development
  • Ruven Häsler
  • Product Design and Custom Development
  • Helen Düscher
  • Chief Financial Officer
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Platform Blockchain
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 50,000,000
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