envion (EVN)  is an ethereum based token that suitable for the energy and utility. This is designed with the cutting edge technology and access the exciting blockchain community.  This is made in Germany that accepts the funds. It is designed for the mobile mining units.

It is better for the mobile mining solution. The people get the perfect profits with the help of such kind of token. This can be used in mobile, modular CSC container and other at the energy source. It is beneficial for the broad spectrum of the cryptocurrency.

With it, the users avail of the clean energy right at the source.  This can be operating at the low cost. The users reduce the risk of the footprint of the blockchain industry.

  • Details
  • It is best for the highly centralized mining market and provides full control of the market. The users gain huge profit with the support of the envion. The users get the profit on the weekly basis. The users manage some profit to reinvest in MMU.
    It provides the guarantee to you and earns the profits to the community. So, it is best for the blockchain technology and renewable energy. The users know the energy supply and price structure of the government policy.
    It provides the competitive advantage to the users. the users follow the decentralized approach and offer the voting rights. One can able to enjoy the cheap energy with the aid of the token. This platform connects global and centralized network in a reliable manner.
Platform Ethereum
Category Energy & Utilities
Total Supply 150,000,000

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