eKash is one of the brand new cryptocurrency built on Ethereum platform and currently operating by the Russia based company.  The present value of the eKash ICO is 1EKH = 0.0005ETH.  This new cryptocurrency comes along with several exciting features mentioned below.

  • The account address of the user is email and there is no more QR image and hex string. eKash is the first alt-coin, which access email as the identifier
  • You can even earn eKash reward and prerequisites after watch advertisement. eKash is the first platform, which rewards you for watching ads. The more advertisement you watch, the more coin you can earn
  • The token wallet has a rich portal page, information, GPS location, social network, and much more. This builds business and trust as well
  • Not only this, you can develop store tokens within a second and there is no need to write the contract code. With the store token, you can purchase something in your store

  • Details
  • Thousands of cryptocurrencies are out there and most of them are exploratory. Thus, you do not know and understand how to utilize it in your daily life. The company wishes to change that and want to do something to use cryptocurrency in your daily life.
    As a result, they have introduced eKash with many amazing features. It includes email wallet address, eCommerce, social network, IPFS support, advertisement reward, and wallet portal. These features make you access the token in the better manner, which is highly beneficial for you.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Distribution
  • 15% PRE-SALErn35% SALE


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Chun-Chieh Wang
  • CEO/CTO, CO-Founder
  • Add me on LinkedIn Like me on Facebook Follow me on Twitter
  • Mark Lin
  • COO, CO-Founder
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Token EKH
Price 1 EKH = 0.0005 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap500000000
Hard cap1000000000
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 1000,000,000
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