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A latest digital currency functioning with the Ethereum blockchain technology is eGold. The motive of eGold is quite simple. It has come into being with the intention of providing a platform to betting fans and addicts of eSports from all over the world. They are doing this by giving a quick, secured and easy option to eGames enthusiasts for betting freely on their choicest games. Some of the most popular eSports of the similar kind are Global Offensive, DOTA2, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Hearthstone and several others like these.

The type of this project is Token/ Asset-based. The category to which it belongs is Betting, and Gambling and the platform are Ethereum.

In the betting industry of eSports, the reigning market obstacles are security and transparency. In what ways can these problems be resolved by eGold? There will be the total record of all transactions in eGold on the blockchain. It enables all users to check the transactions anywhere and anytime. So, there remains no question with transparency. The blockchain technology makes sure that all bets, once they are placed, remain locked till the end of the match and profits are paid automatically. So, eGold genuinely intends to connect gamers from various parts of the world.

  • Details
  • The existing market problems in the eSports betting industry are transparency and security. How can eGold resolve them? Every transaction with eGold will be recorded on the blockchain, so ANYTIME ANYWHERE ANY CUSTOMER can check them, which actively solves the transparency problem. The blockchain functionality ensures that each bet once placed is locked until the match is over and your profits will be automatically paid out thanks to the smart contracts. rneGold truly aims to unify gamers worldwide. In stark contracts with competing projects eGold will be integrated not only on one website – it will first be integrated into our newest website Buff88, after that it will be integrated into our client's network of more than 40 websites and lastly it would be integrated into other eSports betting websites.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • January 21st 2018 POWER DAY Exchange rate: 1ETH = 106 eGold (20% bonus). rnJanuary 22nd - 28th 2018 POWER WEEK Exchange rate: 1ETH = 97 eGold (10% bonus). rnJanuary 29th - February 25th 2018 Regular Exchange rate: 1ETH = 88 eGold.
  • Distribution
  • 2% for the eGold bounty program activities rn2% for the WINGS DAO to reward the forecasters rn6% of all tokens will be dedicated to the eGold advisors rn10% for the eGold team to ensure long-term dedication rn15% of all tokens are needed to cover our marketing budget rn20% of all tokens are reserved for the development budget rn20% of tokens are to be placed in cold storage contingency reserve rn25% of the minted tokens will be sold in the eGold token sale


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Dariy Margaritov
  • Chief Executive Officer
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  • Mario Ovcharov
  • Chief Commercial Officer
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  • Lyubomira Petrova
  • Chief Marketing Officer
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  • Elena Biserkova
  • Global Community Manager
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  • Neli Kosturska
  • UI/UX Designer
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  • Kamen Todorov
  • Technical Lead
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  • Zhechko Vitchev
  • Front-End Developer
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  • Ian Smith
  • eSports integrity commissioner at ESIC
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  • Roger Szlatiner
  • eSports Advisor
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  • Nikola Stojanow
  • Blockchain Advisor
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Total Supply8,888,888

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