Edgecoin is one of the world’s first e-learning and education token built on the ethereum platform. It is one of the most secure and trusted blockchain technologies. This new educational token introduction is proposed to interrupt the current education system and revolutionize it via the utilization of smart contracts. The company, which planning this new revolutionary in the education sector located in Germany. The present value of 1ETH = 50000EST.Fortunately, there are no restriction areas to access this education token.

By taking education on the blockchain technology, the company aims to remove all the outlaid problems in the chapter before. With the advanced smart contract technology and Edgecoin, you can now able to save your CV in the code, which will be accepted throughout the world. Completing the e-learning course at any partner site will be easily stored as the smart contract within the blockchain technology. Therefore, you can apply for any job easily with a public key of your smart contract or even you can store the same in the plug & play ready smartcard and wallet.

The organization you are applying will able to see exactly and closely what you have done in the online courses. Thus, it removes all misunderstandings and benefits you in better jobs and more suitable staff for the company. This platform not only saved the job seekers time & money involved in the process but also erases the risk for employers and prevents fraud candidates. Therefore, both sides will save a massive amount of time involved in the process.


Name Position Links
Kambiz DjafariCEO & Co-Founder Add me on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter
Max GerdonCMO & Co-Founder Add me on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter
Aleksej MelmanArchitect & Lead Engineer Add me on LinkedIn
Alexander WeisOperations & Core Developer Add me on LinkedIn
Eduard MelmanLead Project Manager Add me on LinkedIn
Sonja SpechtManager Sales & Communications Add me on LinkedIn

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