Another unique EcoBit initiative is to use blockchain technology to deploy traceability disciplines on all EcoBit chain of produce movement. This is a classic challenge for ages and EcoBit is using NEM blockchain technology to track the certificates, movement and records with NEM’s digital ledgers to ensure full integrity from production to delivery of EcoBit produce.

EcoBit owns these eco-friendly businesses and will demonstrate that this first in the world implementation for traceability is practical and reliable using blockchain technology which is now available. EcoBit will deploy this application as each of these projects come on-stream and those consuming the produce can be sure of the points of origination to the points of delivery.

The on-going growth of EcoBit value is backed by the economic and financial gains accorded by the mega programmes of green ecology planned out.

Income generated from EcoBit credits, and eco-projects such as Spirulina farming, Aquaponic farming will be used to grow the EcoBit Global Ecosystem around the world.Members of the EcoBit family will get to share the gains in kind or have the opportunity to participate in these farming programs.

New incentives will be announced regularly as all benefits are designed for the EcoBit family at heart.

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