Integrate drone technology and applications connected to GPS Global System of Positioning to Social Conviviality, providing equipment Full+time for immediate recording of images on demand in any action. Providing the inclusion of new Customers to Blockchain, also in Agronomy / Industry / Surveillance / Social and Sports Events, etc.

Our Drones operate autonomously in real time, integrated with rated with to our application (Eagle App), available full time for Recording of images when requested through App, inhibiting actions ibiting actions criminal record and / or registering evidence in transit Social scope and other desired situations Social scope and other desired situations pe and other desired situations.

In the present times, we live in a where crime is rampant in certain regions, among them, Brazil, with indices urban violence cases. Aiming at this promising market for combat and control crime, coupled with the high profitability of the Recreational, with football, concerts, private social events such as marriages and others, we seek to offer the best service to our Customers, through the best equipment drones and Surveillance markets.


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  • Charline Magalhães
  • CEO Analista Financeiro
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  • Carlos Santana
  • CEO Desenvolvedor (DEV) Gerente de Projeto
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  • Cassius Klay
  • Analista Financeiro Gerente de Projeto
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  • Alexsandro Santos
  • Desenvolvedor Analista TI
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