Dynamic trading rights (DTR)

The cryptocurrency space is currently growing rapidly and the number of cryptocurrencies in existence has increased by 63%. Not only this, the entire market cap has increased by 875% and even the average daily volume of cryptocurrency has also increased year on year.

Since plenty of crypto tokens available in the ground, the company comes with a new solution by introducing DTR (Dynamic trading rights). It is the next generation cryptocurrency trading platform, which is based on Ethereum. This UK based company will fund the improvement of this token platform to the ICO bankers by selling vouchers for the future trading fees.

Vouchers will be sold in the form of the future trading rights and it will be represented by the ERC20 token, which is created under the ticker Dynamic trading rights.  At present, the value of the 1DTR = 0.01 USD. This token will represent the right to make the trade on the token platform on any type of currency pair, which is listed at any time in the upcoming years.

  • Details
  • Depending on the market price of the DTR during the trade, the amount of trading you will fund through the single token will be set dynamically. By ignoring the market depth, the transaction for the Dynamic trading rights holder will be charged at the perfect ask price. This favors purchasing Dynamic trading rights tokens in advance.
      At the same time, there will be no requirement to own DTR token in advance because clients who do not own DTR token will be charged in the currency when they are trading in.
Trade Token on Bitcratic
Platform Ethereum
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 3,750,000,000
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