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The DropDeck (DDD) is best for finance purpose that designed with the ethereum platform. This becomes ideal for the company who use the AI engine based for all the data sources. It is otherwise called as the cross border funding platform.

This is better for the fast growing business with the aid of the smart contract and token mechanism. With it, the business owners evaluate the business fund throughout the world. This one keeps up the blockchain features like the smart contract, consensus mechanism and much more.

It maintains own digital token which named as decentralized dropdeck. It is an innovative solution for the business owner to meet the issues in the cross border funding involved in startup and SMEs. It is helpful for the funders to gain reward.

The users can enjoy the funding and join the ecosystem. All the companies throughout the world can submit the information based on the funder centric formats. The funders access the companies depending on the score and local agent.

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  • The people ready to get the loan after the due diligence. It is important for the users to follow the legal arrangement for the purpose of enforce the repayment. The smart contract features include the funded company, delegates, and funders.
    You can pay the loan by means of the simple amortization with the daily payments and other schedules. On the other hand, the users also attract the other funding in the future. It is best to protect the funder interest to gain more audience.
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Total Supply3,800,000,000

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