Funds based on HODL5, a proprietary index for cryptocurrencies, are the highest performing and best way to invest in digital assets. Data shown is based upon backtested performance of the HODL5 index. Actual fund returns may differ.

HODL5 is always diversified and composed of multiple cryptocurrencies driven by an advanced mathematical algorithm. Each cryptocurrency makes up only a small component of the overall index.

Diversify, diversify, diversify. Today bitcoin is almost synonymous with cryptocurrencies; however, alternate cryptocurrencies such as ethereum with smart contracts or iota with feeless transactions are quickly gaining market share and are proving that the technology behind cryptocurrencies is ever expanding. By investing in a basket of cryptocurrencies, you are not trying to find the needle in the haystack, but buying the whole haystack.

Storing cryptocurrencies can be a difficult process even for the most tech savy individuals. This is why we manage all aspects of the process using leading industry backed processes. And why our company is led by developers who are experts in the field.


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  • Tim Coy
  • CEO
  • Jonathan Williams
  • CTO
  • Jack Bloom
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  • Jon Dickerson
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Platform Ethereum
Category Trading & Investing

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